Challenge: Concrete Spanning Member

Using the provided Portland Cement Mix, each team was given the task to design a concrete spanning member that weighed less than 40 pounds, was able to span 4 feet and could only use 1/32 square inch of metal reinforcing at the cross-section of the member.

To use more metal, our team of two developed a design inspired by Santiago Calatrava to support the bridge in both tension and compression. Images below:

schematic computer design




cast-in-place member

concrete member broken after supporting almost 2200 pounds

1st place in load carrying capacity

1st place based on Load: Weight  (bridge weighed 31 pounds)

Challenge: Chipboard and wood bridge

We were asked to build a bridge where all components fit into a 3in x 3in x 16in box, yet the erected bridge was to span 3 feet. Students were not allowed to use glue, only string to bind components of the bridge together to fulfill the 3 foot span requirement. Images below:




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